Still sailing during the winter.

CSC Easter weekend 1st April 2018

Easter Day dawned a lovely sunny morning with light winds. The wind was blowing from the River side towards the buildings, so racing started on the far side. Our resident race officers placed the fleet through their paces for just over half an hour.  Travelling hot shot Andy Fox attended for the day in his solo, and took the first race from Ian Middleton and Heron sailor Andy Walsh.  The wind dropping during the race, and turned through 180 degrees.  Race 2 was a pursuit race,  the slowest boat started first and gradually the faster boats were unleashed. The heron led for most of the race, with the fleet closing up on themselves until the wind was playing elsewhere. The winner was Gina Kervin who overtook Andy in the last few minutes, followed by Neil Wright.  The final race started straight after and was led off by Middleton and Fox. Middleton taking line honours but the handicap of Fox  saw him take the win.   Prizes of bottles of beer and Port where handed out at the conclusion of the day. 

Full results on the results pages for 2018


Crosby SC will be sailing all through the winter, weather permitting. We are a fun hardy bunch.

Come down and see us, our club committee have their photos on this site.                Look at our CSC team page.  You’ll know who’s who and what we look like, to say Hi to.

Push The Boat Out, our free taster sessions will run in May 2018. The main day will be Saturday 12th May, and the following Fridays.  Contact the club email for further details.